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Lets start the update with a picture of how their house looks in the beginning of the round, since they tore down the shop that Fredia started in the beginning. 


Fortunately it turned out to be a very good week for this little family.. Stina got promoted 2 times this round, once because of a great chancecard, and Benedict got promoted two times also..




When at home, both Benedict and Stina focused on getting little Thyra her toddler skills.


And when she wasn’t learning new skills, she something rocked with her father, who is getting quite good with the guitar..

It was really cute, Thyra absolutely adores her father..


It was also her beloved father who brought her to her birthday cake



She is a really pretty girl I think, with a lot of both her father, mother and grandmother in her.. I’m excited to see her when she gets a little older..



Now when Thyra were somewhat selfsufficient, or at least more than when she was a toddler, Stina and Benedict tried for a boy and an heir for the house..


Oh, and Stina got her gold?-gardening badge, before the pregnancy as you see.. Just thought it should be in the update also.. Smiley 



Like the good fortune sims they are, they decided to try to get Thyre into private school.

Unfortunately they didn’t succeed in this, and the headmaster left their house somewhat grumpy.. Maybe because he thought they had wasted his time… Hmmph….



Why he rejected them, I don’t know.. They have a pretty good fortune, and a nice house I think.. We’ll try again next time though..


Sims: 3

Money: ? (forgot to look, but it’s a lot im sure Smiley, der blinker)

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  1. For the headmaster visit - let a child meet him by the car, do the tour by standing close to high environment objects, serve porkchops or salmon and make some coffee. Then you're in!