mandag den 5. marts 2012

R7–Nordmeyer 3:




It seems like I haven’t got much luck with the chancecards this round, ‘cause Jamie also got demoted because of a bad one (read: I’m terrible at answering apparantly)


But the whole yoga + maxing out Body seems to be working for me on the other hand..



Generally it seemed like my… er… Jamies luck turned, since he actually managed to get promoted 3 times this round.. I see a Hall of Fame in his future! (And a platinum plumbob!)



On the homefront, Jamie had succes as well.. He had a cute little girl, who he were very close to and who grew bigger and bigger for every day.. Soon she had also learned how to walk..



And another little babybrother or sister, were in her future..


Soon it was her 6th birthday…

(And the lousy photographer forgot to take a picture of her after her transmission! He was fired straight away!)


And talking of lousy help that should be fires, apparantly the gnome is just so tempting that the maid just had to steal it..


Luckily Helle saw it, and went to get her gnome back.. Nobody messes with the Nordmeyer Gnome!


But alas it seemed to be very popular….



The theft of the gnome upset Helle so much, that she went straight into labour…


And had a little baby boy, who she actually at first wanted to name Gnome, but Jamie wouldn’t agree to that, so they ended up naming him Brad..

(Can anyone guess what the naming theme are? ;p )



Oh, a visit from the Grandt house.. Well, hallo Beatrice.. Smiley 



It soon became Brad’s birthday..


And he grew up to the cutest little toddler, with the personality exactly the same as his sister!

(Grr… Firstborn-glitch! )


Before I’ll end this update, I just feel like I need to make it clear to everyone that Helle isn’t a typical Romance/hussy-sim, there is some familysim hidden in her I think.. Here she tugs in Jennifer, something she did autonomously.. Smiley med åben mund 


Sims: 4

Points: 4

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  1. HAve no idea what the naming theme comes from - American celebrities maybe?