søndag den 29. april 2012

Round 8–Nordmeyer 2



Lets start this update with a birthday!

Congratulations Albert!



And he turns into one handsome teen! (which I got a new outfit for later)

Albert rolled Knowledge, and his LTW is to become Head of SCIA (I’ll get a couple of those too huh?)

He likes to have a partner who is creative and succesfull in their career, but she isn’t supposed to be too good with mechanics and practical stuff



I also tried for the kids to get into private school at this house, pretty sure it was because one of the parents rolled the want for it, and luckily they got in!



Doesn’t he look fabolous in this outfit huh?



And so life went on. Laurinda skilled for her job, to reach her LTW



and Javier tried to figure out the big question: “Is there life in outer space?”




Soon he got to now the answer.


and when the aliens where done with him, they dumped him on the ground in front of his family.



It soon dawned on Javier what exactly had happened in that UFO…

And he was just thrilled about it! As soon as he found out he was expecting a little life form from outer space, he wished to get abducted once. Maybe then he could find out even more than this time.



4 sims and ? moneywise = 4 points for now 

Round 8–Johansen (temporarily Tournesol)

We start of this round on a sad note. Poor Biver ran away last round, due to a fire. Unfortunately Biver never returned, and since he was an elder, he died while being away.. :(

I laid him to rest between Marni and Mikael’s headstones..

Mikael also came out to hunt this week, scaring poor Jeanne. I’m wondering if he’s mad at her for being on the lookout for some romantic relationships.

Soon it was time for Mike’s birthday
and Mike grew up to be a geminie, whose personality I’ve forgotten to write down.. :/ sorry.. I’ll try to remember it the next time..

Being the popularity sim that Jeanne is, she soon rolled a want for a party, and I obliged.

And thankfully it turned out to be a great party.. YaY

Now, not much else happened, so we skip forward to Mike’s fourth birthday.

And he grows up good. Though I think a makeover is in place, since I’ve got a lot of kids with that haircut, also a blondkid (Albert Nordmeyer), so it’ll be difficult to tell them apart.

Sooo I gave him this haircut.. Such a cutie. He looks a lot like his father I think.. Smiley med åben mund

And I’ll show you a picture of him while he is blue.. I’m telling you, I really wasn’t very good at keeping the kids warm this season. You’ll see later on why I say this….


2 sims and 43,559 in the bank = 2.5 points.

Round 8–Fritzpatrick

** Last time, Stina and Benedict tore down Fredia’s old shop, since they weren’t really into bussiness at the moment, instead they were focused on their careers. On the homefront they started toddlertraining, so Thyra could grow up well, which she did. Stina also discovered that she was pregnant, and she got a gardening badge. They invited the Headmaster over, but unfortunately got rejected.**

This round they tried to get into privateschool once again.

But unfortunately they were rejected once again too! Which upset Benedict, and Stina, quite a bit.

Not long after it became time for Stina to deliver her baby.
And thus little Gunhild were born.
She is named after Denmarks first king, Gorm den gamle, and his queen, Thyra’s, daugther. She later married the king of Norway)
(They gotta try for a boy and an heir. They actually succeded, but something went wrong, Stina wouldn’t go into labour, eventhough the Simblender did  count her as pregnant. So we’ll try again)

Also Thyra helped out in the garden, what with her new little sister taking up a lot of her parent’s time. Fortunately this earned her a bronzegardening badge.

And she also brought home an A+ to show for her proud parents.

Unfortunately she ran into a beehive while looking for some interesting insects…
She forgot to tell her Dad exactly where this beehive were, so unfortunately he also ran into it while on a hike.

Soon enough it became time for Gunhild’s birthday.

She turned out to be very like her sister*, Thyra, thus meaning she is a scorpio who is quite neat (7), shy (4), active (9), serious (4) and really mean (1).

(Hey NELSON! wow, I wonder how Thyra and Gunhild will get along what with their 1 nice point each!)
* (first born glitch! Hmrpf!)

Time flew by, and soon it was Thyra’s birthday.

Thyra rolled Fortune, but I didn’t get to look at her LTW, think it was because it didn’t show up before the round ended.

Makeover. She is a beauty!

Way to go Stina.! I’m always a bit nervous when they are about to do this, so afraid they will catch fire. :/

And I’ll end this update saying: “What are you doing in their kitchen Bent?!”

4 sims
183,602 in the bank = 2 p.

==> 6 points

Round 8–Nordmeyer




Well, I don’t know if anyone remmebers that Feddersen died last round.? Anyway, he did make us aware of him from the beyond..


snapshot_99742717_1c722562snapshot_99742717_1c722719snapshot_99742717_5c7226e1snapshot_99742717_7c722715snapshot_99742717_3c7225b6snapshot_99742717_7c7224cdsnapshot_99742717_7c722500snapshot_99742717_9c7225c0snapshot_99742717_9c72252csnapshot_99742717_9c72258dsnapshot_99742717_bc7224e2snapshot_99742717_bc7225d4snapshot_99742717_bc722550snapshot_99742717_dc7224fc - Kopisnapshot_99742717_dc7226fdsnapshot_99742717_dc72271esnapshot_99742717_dc722609 - Kopisnapshot_99742717_fc7224d6 - Kopisnapshot_99742717_fc7225a0snapshot_99742717_fc722536 

Neil got scared to death FIVE times!!!! Luckily AMie were there to save him all five times, but still… Never had that happen before! That is one mean dog-ghost I’m telling ya!



But besides Neil dying all the time (which happen on the first day of the round), something good happen also. Like, Ted getting a gold gardening badge.




And later, Ted growing up

He rolled Popularity, and wants to become a rock god. Up untill now Strawberry Fields will get three rock-gods in their little town..



But Ted is also all about the music. When he was little, he played the piano a lot. Now it’s the guitar that’s in use



Which is why I took him to the music hobbylot, to try and make him win a dancing contest (plus I’ve never had a sim participate in one either)



But even though the boy got some groovy moves, I guess it is pretty tough beating a lama. I mean, the costume also kind of adds to the artistics…



And when Ted didn’t play or dance, he had friends over..




Like Carrie Pendley, who apparantly got two bolts for Ted, and likewise.. So I guess these two are a future couple

(love it when I can pair the playables, then the household count hopefully won’t explode just yet.. )




But let’s not forget about Amie and Neil. They too were about to enter a new lifestage..


First up was Neil…



And apparantly that didn’t exactly suit Amie, thus making her trying to steal some face time from Neil.


But in the end we got a decent shot of my first Cas-adult turning into an elder.. Wauw, I wanna say that it went fast, but the fact is that it has actually already taken me like over a year to get tot his point…





Next is Amie..



And here she is. Sorry I didn’t get a close-up, I’ll try to get one the next time. Later I also changed her hair into grey, but the same haircut.



Here she is, with her new grey hair!

Anyway, this shot is actually to show that I gave one of the grown-up puppies – Liza – to Lakisha, and Bart I gave to Helle..



I’ll end this update with this picture, since I’m pretty sure the reason I took it was because I noticed that all of the dogs ran out to greet the mailman, which I found quite funny, but cute too.. Smiley

Points: 3 sims + .5 gold badge and .5 funds = 4 points!