torsdag den 9. februar 2012

R7– Nordmeyer 1:



First of all, I had to move this family, since there were some sort of glitch with the other house that wouldn’t allow me to load the household.. So I had to move them to the simbin and then move them into a new house..




We start this round with sad news.  Poor Feddersen died due to old age. Of course, both pets and humans were hit by the loss.


But nature isn’t affected by loss of other living beings, life must go on. And so soon after the death, the birth of Bart and Lisa took place



I really can’t tell the difference between them, I hope it gets better when they grow up. Their parents are Fido and Moe, so some different features should be a possibility. Smiley 



Feddersen wasn’t to be forgotten just for some puppies sake, so he haunted his bit.. Which Neil apparantly – like every knowledge sim – just totally loved!


And as a true knowledge sim, he of course made sure that his son would be able to keep up in school.


With all those pets running around in the house, they thought that they might as well open up a bussiness. Eric was old enough to care mostly for himself, and so both Neil and Amie thought that they could seize this possibility and see how it goes. The basement was perfect for a little petshop, with entrance from the backyard.



And soon both Liza and Bart grew up. I’m not sure, but I think that Bart is the one on the right, and Liza look alot like her mom, Fido.


Work went well for Amie this round, she took home 3 promotions, and she looked just ecstatic about it, right…?


And Neil spent a lot of time searching for other lifeforms out there, with a flashlight…… Yeah, that seems realistic EAxis.. Smiley med tungen ud af munden 


To end this update, you’ll get a picture of Selma who has just ruined their couch….. Thank you Selma….

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  1. It's a hard job to housetrain all the dogs and teach them to not ruin the furniture. Good luck with that!