fredag den 9. marts 2012





Fredia opened a new store, named G@meSt0p. Her LTW is to have 5 TLB, but she is soon becoming an elder, so I’m starting to feel very busy…

(yeah, thats Wen stopping by.. ;P )



The home bussiness were going okay, Fredia even got a silver badge..





Eventhough there seemed to be a problem, with Beatrice hanging out with some of the customers.. Apparantly it seemed like it bothered some customers alot, and I have no idea why.. Never had that happen before.. Maybe she’s just jealous?!



Oh yeah, and now that you’ve seen Celeste all grown up, I’ll probably better show some pictures..




She is georgeous!!!!!!

And she is Romance….. Yep.. With that face, how could she not?!


I aged up Niels’ son with her, without thinkinh about that, that made it impossible for me to adopt him..

But I figured a way to make it possible.. See the white kitty? It summoned him to the lot, and I made him move in.. Maybe it’s cheating, but I don’t think so.. I just adopted him in another way… Smiley 

His aspiration were still grow-up, so I randomized it and he rolled Romance!!!! With the LTW to become a Rock-God..

I’m just thankful that he and Celeste recognize each other as family, eventhough they are not blood-related since she is adopted.. Wow, that could have become some chaos!



Niels got promoted, he is getting closer to his LTW of becoming Hall of Famer… And Fredia really could use the money for her bussiness..



Fredia felt kind of old, when Celeste grew to a teen.. She was also already a grandma, and she wasn’t really very close to achieving her LTW.. But luckily she could catch up on some time with a weird green fluid, she bought with her aspirationpoints..


And it worked!



But you had to be careful.. Apparantly it worked the other way around if you were only in the green.. Luckily this only happened once, and Fredia decided to try again another day, when she wa sin a better mood..

(Heh.. Ooooops… )



Money:  42.065

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  1. HAha, I hardly ever use the elixir, but sometime I did the same mistake as you!