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A/N: As it seems to be the habbit of this house/family, alot changed this round.. It seems to evolve to some kind of pattern of some sort, if you think about that this actually started out to be a Nordmeyer household, with Marni as the only resident….

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First of all, they had to move (again) since Rebecka (Andersen) Carlsson kept staying at their apartment and wouldn’t leave when asked to.. Since I’ve tried once before to have a landlord die because of this glitch, I decided I wouldn’t take the risk this time and so I moved out the Johansen family

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They moved into a house, not far from where they lived before, and in this house it seemed that their luck were changing… Mikael were having fun with some ladies….

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While Conan were working on his robotics badge..

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Mikael soon decided to move in one of his new loves, Jeanne Tournesol..

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And one thing let to another.. Mikael were quite old-fashioned, eventhough he was part romance-sim. Therefore he decided to ask Jeanne to marry him, considering her situation..

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A situation he had (partly) brought her in…

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Sadly, Mikael didn’t get to marry Jeanne before his time was up..

Grim Reaper came one day and actually took me by surprise, eventhough I knew it soon would be his time..

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And so all that was left of Mikael were this grey urn, standing by the phone.. Eventhough he didn’t die in the gold, he’ll atleast be reunited with his beloved Marni.

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After this, Conan decided to leave for college. It was time and also he didn’t want to witness a new “family” in the making. He liked Jeanne, but he had had quite his turn of this, and his situation hadn’t been very stable during his childhood, so he wasn’t expecting it to change now.

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Jeanne had a rough time after Mikaels death, and Conan leaving for college.. She was all alone in this new house, that were supposed to feel like home.

She quickly decided that she would move out of the house and start afresh, as soon as Conan moved back from college.

During the fire one of the cats, Biver, ran away. Jeanne felt just awful about it, she knew Mikael and Conan loved these cats and she couldn’t even take properly care of them, she thought…

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But soon good things started coming her way..

This kiss wasn’t meant to be, they were actually just friends, but one night after hanging out, an exhausted Jeanne suddenly kissed one of her co-workers without even thinking. She quickly excused herself, eventhough he hadn’t seemed to mind it, but still she couldn’t stop thinking about how it had felt like some kind of urge just coming over her, and how it felt so right……

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These thoughts were soon pushed away by the birth of her and Mikaels child, Mike Tournesol….

This seems like a good note to end this update on.

Mikael reached top influence before his dead, eventhough he didn’t got a platinumstone..

Also there was added two new sims to the neighbourhood, Mike and Jeanne, which leads to a total of points for this household at:

4 as it is for now. No money points, since they’ve only got 41.251 in total..

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  1. Oh, the drama! Hope JEanne will have a better life after this. Did she call to search for the cat?