mandag den 18. juni 2012

Round 8–UNI



Lets welcome knowledge-sim Conan Johansen to Uni



And his High School sweetheart, Lois Pendley (Romance).

Both are generation two sim, one adopted into the hood, and one born into it..



And it could seem like they will likely bring in generation 3. Eventhough knowledge-romance isn’t a mix I would prefer, but apparently they’ve taken the matter into their own hands.. At first they only had one bolt with each other, but after Lois got her apiration perks, they suddenly had a two bolts attraction.



Here’s a picture of the made-over Lois.. Really, her outfit wasn’t the luckiest I must say…




Both Lois and Conan soon get started on getting into the Greek House, and both succeed.. (But as you may have guessed, not at the same time.. )



Thus they move out to move into the GH.



A Greek House with double-beds.. Poor Conan keeps wishing for them to get engaged, but Lois dosn’t wish any such thing, and so I’m very much doubting if I should make them engaged…





Or just let Lois be Lois…….. Hmm…



When the couple isn’t woohoing and Gitte calling Nelson, they skill for their exams…



In between they sometimes also gets harrased by THAT STUPID COW! Grrrrrrrr.! I think Lois agree with me after this – She doesn’t want to have a pillow fight with you.!


(Is it silly of me to somehow feel sorry for the Cow? I mean, maybe it just really want some friends, but keeps getting misunderstood Trist smiley )



And it happens again…

Cow: But I just wanted to have some fun…..



The only one who declares a major in the GH is actually Lois, the romance sim! Maybe it is to get some advice on how to attract even more men and lure them into her web…….

Just a thought….



Soon it becomes time for Gitte to head for her last exam..



Which she of course passes with a 4.0 GPA = SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

And so she calls a cab to move home to Strawberry Fields and get started on the baby making! Little does she know that Nelson already has  a baby…..