torsdag den 23. september 2010

Fritzpatrick 2 – round 1-3



I’m starting this update with some good news. Marni got a new job in business because of her network with the slob (I find that a bit weird, but oh well…)

Besides that she also got promoted due to a chancecard and even reached the top of her new carreer.


other than that, she learned fysiologi, and got fired due to a chancecard in the educationcarreer. Yep, those chancecard can be pretty hard on the sims..


anyway, the next round was a bit more interesting.

Marni maxized cooking and went to the hobbylot because of all that interest in this newfound hobby. On the lot she entered a cookingcontest and won!




On the lot Marni also met some very interesting people….



Marni has also been busy in the love department.




And like every Romance sims has probably experienced, there was a bit of an accident at some time…


But it seems to me like they fixed it, after Marni worked hard for it..



And that is the end of this round.. All I need is to finish the report on the Uni students, but I will hurry up. I promise.!


Best Regards, your Mr. Agent Smith

onsdag den 22. september 2010

Nordmeyer 2/Johansen – round 2-3

Dear Ms. President. I will try my very best with updating you on the happening of this household, but I must prepare you: it can and will be a bit confusing.


Marni moved to these new apartments you can see in the background (sorry, it’s the best picture I have of them). By the way Ms. President, we need to fire this landlord, he is just rude…


And annoying.. A good advice, don’t say yes to your landlord when he asks if he can stay after worktime..



Anyway, Zelma got some new friends, a promotion and a date.

When I was checking up on Marni after the first week at Zelmas, Mikkel and Zelma was autonomously dancing together.


And soon they were in love.


In the last round/round 2, Zelma first wanted a roommate very bad, and so Mikkel became her roommate.

Zelma got promoted and reached the top of her carreer. And besides that, Mikkel also “moved in” (you know what I mean simmers :))

Zelma thereafter quit her job, because Mikkel had such a good job in Arts, that she didn’t even have to work.

(thereafter they moved because of the glitch with the landlord, he wouldn’t go home or even take care of his own needs, so he almost died due to this.)


They moved to this place, and quickly got engaged and then married



Everything was peace and harmony, and everyone were so happy. Until….





Zelma died.! Oh it was so sad Ms. President. Now I may seem as a tough and cool secret Agent, but this.. this…. *sniff* made my eyes leak a little bit… But only a little!!!!!!

But this isn’t the worst part of it. Apparently Mikkel and Zelma had decided to adopt, and had even called the Adoption Agency the day before, so little after Zelmas death..


Conan showed up.

Now maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t know, atleast Mikkel has some company now. And maybe he can find a mother for the child, so he won’t be alone when Mikkel passes.

Well, lets see.. I told you, it could be confusing. This will now be called the Johansen household, since that is Mikkels name, and that is the name Zelma took after him.

Best Regards, your Agent Smith

Fritzpatrick round 1-3













This is the Fritzpatrick family. Their story is quite simple and non-dramatic.

Fredia divorced her husband, with whom she had had her children. And then she moved to Strawberry Fields to start fresh, with her romancing mother to help her with the children.

Marni was the first to make quite an impression, I must say, eventhough I’m not quite sure it’s a very good one.

First she got promoted, then she got fired, and in her freetime she already found her first conquest lover.




But nonetheless Titus atleast grew up fine, but without a cake since they really didn’t have much money, poor things..




Besides that Fredia also got a great job in the dancecarreer because of a friend…

The next “round”, Marni moved out because of you Ms. President. Apparantly it is because of the same reasons as with Zelma Nordmeyer… ?

Anyways, Benedict almost brought himself in the same situation as Jamie Nordmeyer were in, but luckily he got his skills up and even earned himself a promotion, the same as his mother actually did. (Fredia also got the LTW of earning 5 top businesses, which is why I’ve also given them a sewingmachine.. But they will need all the money they can get.)

Soon it was also time for Hobert to grow up and become a teenager. He rolled family and his LTW is to marry off 6 kids..

He likes redheads and blonds. Trine Mortensen (eventhough not a blond) grew up with him. She was an old friend of him and soon to be a new girlfriend.





And with that I will finish up this last report and continue on to the elder laydeezz..


Best Regards, your Agent Smith

torsdag den 16. september 2010

Nordmeyer round 1-3


Dear ms. President

First a picture of the house.

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This kind of family look very ideal on the outside, but on the inside, things can be a little different.

E.g. this family had a lot of chancecards. Neil got his right, and got 500§ in return. Jamie wasn’t that lucky, and Javier were the most unlucky one, he got fired because of a chancecard. This made him a bit whiny….

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But at least Amie got a promotion in the law and order carreertrack and Neil got two.

unfortunately their boys weren’t so succesfull.

Jamie failed and got fired (-1 point.)


So Neil had to help him with his homeworks.

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At least the youngest is doing a bit better, or a lot better actually.


And Lakisha also got a bronze talent badge in fishing.

But for Jamie it went very well in the love-department. A girl he had brought home from school called him, and after talking for a long time they had +90 in daily, and soon they had had a dreamdate. She’ll be going to Uni with him too.



Zelma, Amies mother, moved out. (apparently she says, that you Ms. President, asked her to do this, so you could focus on getting her high in lifetime aspiration. I said I didn’t and couldn’t know..)

She will be mentioned as the Nordmeyer 2 household.


Neil raked in the chancecards, while Javier (I think…) got a visit from the socialbunny….. (-1 point.)


Amie and Neil also got their 2. aspirations. Amies is to be fortune and Neils is Grilled cheese.

While we’re on the subject of aspirations, Lakisha also grew to teen and rolled family, her aspiration is to reach her Golden Anniversary. (Yes Ms. President, she is growing on me too.)




While the kids grew up, I think Amie and Neil started to “fear” the soon to be empty nest, so Amie soon got pregnant.


The baby is to be reported about in the next update.

Other than that, the boys went to college, and the house got a little makeover.


Lakishas room, after the boys left.


The master bedroom


The living room

Best Regards, Agent Smith