lørdag den 24. august 2013

Round 9–Nordmeyer 3:




Hallo all! Welcome back to the 3rd Nordmeyer house, where Amie believes it’s her right to barge into her sons house, just to start talking about her health.. Which to my knowledge should be just fine.. Notice how Jamie elegantly ignores his mother Smiley, der blinker



Ehh, okay Amie…? so much for family! hmprf…..



Helle also tried to write a novel. But unfortunately it didn’t sell very well which made her take a big hit in aspiration points..


Sorry Helle… comfort eating.? :-/




And if that wasn’t enough the Nordmeyer's also had really bad luck when it came to things catching fire… Ok, one of the fires were their own fault, but how unlucky can you be to have your tree catch fire too!



So instead of comfort eating Jennifer bought Curry. She has the LTW to raise 20 puppies or kittens, so I thought: Why not just get started.


And she also bought herself a MP3-player.. This picture is just to show how pretty she is.. I really like Jennifer, there is just something about her. I’m not that fond of her LTW though, but I can see through fingers with that



Helle on the other hand…. Well, actually I think she is quite fun to play. I don’t normally choose my sims to be romance, I’m more of a Familysim, but it is fun to try something different. There’s a bit more drama with the Romance twins, and having Risky installed it’s even more exiting…. Oh yeah, and this is Helle’s co-worker Tony Ebak..



Soon it was time to have Brad’s birthday. Happy Birthday cutie!



woop woop! Not bad!

Brad rolled Fortune (as if I haven’t got enough of those in my ‘hood!) and his turn-ons are: custom hair and creativity, but he dislikes smelly sims which I can’t really blame him…



And I’ll round off this update with another picture of our little hottie.. Still cute I think, he’ll break some poor simgirl’s heart I’m sure Knust hjerte

See Ya!


Sims: 4


Other points: 0