søndag den 11. marts 2012

R7 - UNI



Hello everyone.!

Welcome back to UNI! As you can see Titus just loves it too!

I had Nelson try to get into the greek house again, and this time he succeeded..


And so he moved to his new place….


Of course he couldn’t be without his lovely fiancee, Gittu Juul, so he invited her over and asked her to pledge. Which she agreed to..


After soms paperwriting and cleaning she finally got accepted into the Greek House.. She was very pleased to be with her man..

She is a Familysim with the LTW to become Captain Hero, and she is a Cancer..

She was on her first year, so Nelson will have to wait for her a round, since I got her to finish the second year by the time the other students graduated..


Whoop whoop! So this is why you wanted her to stay with you? ;p



Someone had to keep up with the garden at the greek house, and since Titus was always the first to be ready for exam, he became the one to take care of that duty, just like his older brother.. But at least it earned him a bronzebadge..


Soon the three oldest students; Titus, Nelson and Nanna graduated summa cum laude..





I made both Titus and Nanna move back to Strawberry Fields straight away, while I let Nelson stay since I need him to get his sister Louis into the Greek House when she arrives next round..


And so ends Round 7..

Come back to read more of the happenings in Strawberry Fields, Round 8…

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  1. Another lot growing up - nicely done with the SCLs!