torsdag den 9. februar 2012

R7– Nordmeyer 1:



First of all, I had to move this family, since there were some sort of glitch with the other house that wouldn’t allow me to load the household.. So I had to move them to the simbin and then move them into a new house..




We start this round with sad news.  Poor Feddersen died due to old age. Of course, both pets and humans were hit by the loss.


But nature isn’t affected by loss of other living beings, life must go on. And so soon after the death, the birth of Bart and Lisa took place



I really can’t tell the difference between them, I hope it gets better when they grow up. Their parents are Fido and Moe, so some different features should be a possibility. Smiley 



Feddersen wasn’t to be forgotten just for some puppies sake, so he haunted his bit.. Which Neil apparantly – like every knowledge sim – just totally loved!


And as a true knowledge sim, he of course made sure that his son would be able to keep up in school.


With all those pets running around in the house, they thought that they might as well open up a bussiness. Eric was old enough to care mostly for himself, and so both Neil and Amie thought that they could seize this possibility and see how it goes. The basement was perfect for a little petshop, with entrance from the backyard.



And soon both Liza and Bart grew up. I’m not sure, but I think that Bart is the one on the right, and Liza look alot like her mom, Fido.


Work went well for Amie this round, she took home 3 promotions, and she looked just ecstatic about it, right…?


And Neil spent a lot of time searching for other lifeforms out there, with a flashlight…… Yeah, that seems realistic EAxis.. Smiley med tungen ud af munden 


To end this update, you’ll get a picture of Selma who has just ruined their couch….. Thank you Selma….

R7–Pendley 1: Hello Ronan!

A/N: Hello all, this round I’ll just be telling the story.. I got a bit tired of the whole Mr. Smith and Ms. President thing, so I’ve decided to give him a vacation or something.. Smiley Maybe he’ll return, if I feel like it Smiley


Hello Laurinda and Ronan.. Nice to see you’ve met and taking a liking to one another.. Smiley


Soon Laurinda Pendley changed her name to Laurinda Hesselholdt, and Ronan moved in. Of course this will still officially be the Pendley household, in which Eric will take over as the 2.nd generation when he is old enough, and then Laurinda and Ronan will start their own household somewhere new.. Smiley


maybe some of you recognize Ronan, since he was once Marni’s lover. Therefore he also inherited some money from her…

Ronan is a knowledge sim, with the LTW of topping the gaming field. He is a pisces who is neat, shy, active, serious but also very nice.


And soon their marriage was consumated. What..? Bad toast, Laurinda??


but eventhough Laurinda was having a baby with another man, she didn’t forget about the children she had had with Stephen, and she spent time with them, when she was able to.


Especially it became quite important for her to spend as much time with Lois as possible, ‘cause she was growing fast and were soon to be off to college.

“Just like Nelson just left for college… I’m getting to old for this” thought Laurinda, and decided that this would be the last. She couldn’t help but hope for a boy to carry on the Hesselholdt name..


Sometimes she felt like parts of the past could be passing her with a quick and cold breeze. She thought to herself that it must be the pregnancy-brain women were said to have when they expected. Maybe it was just because her senses were stronger now when she was expecting…


But sometimes her senses weren’t at their best, and once she even set the stove on fire by an accident.

Luckily it was quickly put out, put Despina still felt bad about bringing so many of her loved ones in danger.



And it got worse! One day Eric was very tired, but also hungry. When he went to the fridge, he said something had scared him – To Lois he had said that it was the ghost of his father that scared him – and Eric got so scared that he almost fainted by exhaustion.

Somehow the authorities got to hear about this, probably after Eric had told about it in school, and they decided that his home wasn’t a fitting home for a child.

Imagine Despina’s despair and fear when they came to pick up Eric, and she had a little new one in her belly. She couldn't help but wonder if she had been wrong all those years, and if she really was a bad parent?!

Luckily Ronan went to talk about this with the authorities and explained what had happened. The whole ghost thing couldn’t really be possible, it must have been because he was so tired he had thought he saw something. It took some persuasion, but in the end Ronan came back with Eric to Despina, eventhough with a warning to remember to keep Eric well fed, to make sure he got his sleep and that he should start with a shrink to talk about his fathers death. All of this Ronan had agreed to, of course, and had headed home.


Because of all this stress from Eric being taken by the social workers, Despina went into labour the day after…


and little Ronja was born. Despina loved her little brownhaired bunddle of joy, eventhough it wasn’t a boy as she had hoped for.

Ronan of course didn’t mind either.

“As long as it’s is a healthy and strong baby, I’m happy” said Ronan, when hearing about Despina’s concerns.

And so all was good, for now….

onsdag den 8. februar 2012

Round 6–UNI:




Awww! Aren’t they cute… Yeah, I do have a soft side……




Uni is all about skilling… Right?

Hobert got a silver badge in gardening, guess he got green fingers like his brother, Benedict….


Titus got working on the roboticsbadge… snapshot_19a7efb3_5baa2318

Of course, this was only when he wasn’t busy with threatening guys in underwear.. Have no idea what this guy has done, M.P. says she is pretty sure that it has nothing to do with his girlfriend… Guess he just ticked him off….



Quite a lot it seems….


This was actually some drama uniround.. George and Lakishas relationship also took a hit, because of some stupid mascot..


Message for Mr. George from Ms. P. : “You as much as check her out and I’ll cowplant you..”

Such a charmer, right….?


Smith: “So how are you holding up, Titus.. After you Grandmother died*? Fine, I guess???


*A/N: Or was it Marni???


All four graduated Summa Cum Laude, and some of the new houses we will see in next round will be:




Trine (soon to be Fritzpatrick) Mortensen and Hobert Fritzpatricks household. They will of course start their own since Benedict is living in Hoberts old home.




And the next household will be the McCarthy household, with Lakisha Nordmeyer and George McCarthy.

So luckily there will only be two new houses this time around.. The President is talking something about trying to make the ‘hood small, since there will be a couple of familysims to bring in the next generation.. Can’t tell you what she is talking about really……

The Dorm:



The only new student to arrive in the dorm was Nelson Pendley. He is a Knowledge Pisces sim, with an LTW of becoming a mad scientist


He did try to get into the Greek house, but didn’t succeed in this, unfortunately. He will try next time..



The repo guy also showed up.. Apparently they don’t really care about poor college students, who forget about the bills easily, since it’s their first time on their own…





But Nelson was lucky, ‘cause he quickly found someone he would like to share the rest of his life with… And the bills..



To celebrate, he smustled….


And he knew how to shake it!


Quickly he sealed the deal with this newfound love (which Ms. President can’t remember the name of), and to celebrate…


he SMUSTLED! Apparantly he got a little carried away and almost attack one of his fellow students with a smustle-move, but the guy seemed happy about that and they smustled on……



…. of round 6.. FINALLY..


Mr. Smith is out!