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Round 9 - Carlson (Andersen):




Oops.. I totally forgot that Magness had a thing going with Emil Grandt, so she is kind of taken.. Sorry Albert. Hmm, but of course we’ll have to see how it goes in Uni, since Magness is a fortune sim and Emil is a romance, he might not be the best match for her…

Oh yah, and Magness got an A+ Smiley, der blinker



YAY!!!!!!! Bent reached his LTW! And I’m serious that is a first one for me ever! I’ve never had a sim reach it’s LTW. Mostly because I got bored with them or their family and moved on before they reached it.. That’s why I love Prosperity!!! You won’t get tired of your sims since you circulate and when you are fed up with one family, there’s a lot more to play before you’ll get back to them! Smiley

Bent’s new LTW is to become the head of SCIA.. I could go find that job for him, but I waited since I wanted to see him fly of to work as a Captain Hero! Smiley 



Not long after that Bent also became a father again! Two little girls were born Smiley 



Meet Caroline



And Florence



And even though Magness only got 1 nice point, she got a soft spot for her little siblings.. She’s so good at taken care of them, autonomously…



Suddenly I realized that I still hadn’t found a job in the medical field for Rebecca, and her LTW is to Become Chief of Staff. That’s why I decided to give her a little bit of elixir, since she was coming close to turning into an elder..



Here he goes!!!

After his first day as Captain Hero, I made him quit and found him a job in SCIA.


And after his first day on the job, he returned home with a promotion! Smiley 



Norman was on the top of his game too, he also got an A+ in school



Right before it was time to go on a birthday spree..

First up was the twins…



Here’s Caroline: 2 sloppy, 6 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful and 4 mean



and Florence: 5 sloppy/neat, 2 shy, 9 active, 7 playful, 4 mean



Next up was Norman!




Happy Birthday Norman!

He rolled Popularity, with the LTW to Become a Sports Legend

His turn-ons are makeup and a logical girl, while he doesn’t want her to be charismatic…




Thus begins the time of toddler training! snapshot_59ec6450_3e8951eb

Which was quite tiring it seems! I’d wish my toddler would just go to sleep that easily, just as I once wished that giving birth would be just as easy and quick as in the sims… Smiley, der blinker




And teenage hood!



Also they kept on talking so much about the time they had kittens, so I decided to let them have that experience again. And maybe that’ll make it easier for Bent to accept the fact that there won’t be coming more babies, since Rebecca is too old soon and my neighbourhood population is already about to explode as it is…!

On a side note, Rebecca also got a job in the medical field.. I’m hoping I can get her to the top before she ages, but it’s quite a long shot….

That’s it for now! See you soon! Happy Simming and Happy Sunday Smiley med åben mund


Sims: 6

$: 58,841

Other: +1p for reaching top of career

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