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Round 9–Fritzpatrick 2


Hello all


As you may remember, our kids were taken from us last you saw us.


Now Trine is with child once again, and so the social services has provided us with a so called “nanny”, who will supervise us when the babies come..


She is a nice old lady, and we might be friends if it wasn't because we knew that she is watching, judging and reporting us



You might be thinking: “It’s their own fault, they should have taking better care of their children and this wouldn’t be happening”

Well the thing is we actually thought at the time that we were ‘taking care’. You see, back in College, both Trine and I were very impressed with Rousseau and his philosophy about how the child was free and should learn from experience what to do, and what not to do. E.g. when playing out in the cold you should go inside, even though you are playing a funny game, before you get too cold.

The parents should of course assist the kids in these experiences, and help them to learn from it.

Not a lot of people agree with that, and actually neither do we anymore. Not entirely at least. Trine read a book about parenting and found that even though our intentions were good and in theory reasonable, she also found that kids are often driven by their feelings, and so we, their parents, should help them to also be reasonable and look past their feelings..



Luckily my brother knew that, and he also thinks that a big injustice had been made to us. But unfortunately there is nothing to do about it now. We can keep in touch with our children through my brother, and hope that when they grow up, they will understand why we did what we did.

Actually, we are planning to take them on a vacation with me and Trine next week. My brother tells me they have hit puberty already. Time is flying by, and soon they will be ready for college. And then, they will have come of age, so it can be their own choice to keep in touch with us or not…..


I hope they’ll choose to keep in touch, so they can meet their siblings…



Sandra and Terry



They are a lot like their elder siblings.

Sandra reminds me a lot about Harold and Terry about Lillian (another set of clones! >_<)



As I said, time flies…





And the children keeps coming. Now Harold and Lillian have three new siblings.. This is little Harry, with black hair like his mother and the other kids and my yellow eyes..

Oh how I love my family, and nothing shall be able to break it apart….. We Fritzpatricks stick together Rødt hjerte



Sims: 5

Money: 30,711

Happy Simming Regnbue

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