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Round 9–Pendley 2



One day Tyrone brought home a co-worker: Mie Ternynck. After some talking they crushed on each other an then Tyrone wished to invite her on a date, and so he did



Things developed quickly and they soon fell head over heels in love with each other..



snapshot_bb7e9b49_fed5cc2b    It wasn’t long before he also rolled the wish to get engaged to Mie. He asked her right then and there in front of the garage he loved to spent so much time in, and luckily she said yes and moved in..



It could seem like Tyrone had found the perfect mate. Mie is a Family sim, which was great for the girls, especially Holly who missed her mother terribly. And at the same time, Mie’s One True Hobby was tinkering; just like Tyrone’s….



Just to get a more former introduction to Mie Ternynck. She is as mentioned a Family sim with the LTW to Become Captain Hero. Her astrological sign is cancer, and her 2nd Aspiration is Fortune (Like Tyrone) She was working in the Political career when she moved in, but when the job came up I changed it to Law and Enforcement.




Soon it came time for Carrie to move to College. Unfortunately she wasn’t qualified for any scholarships, but she’s gonna be all right. She kissed her little sister Goodbye and headed to Uni… 


Holly did get a bit sad that Carrie had left, but she actually did like her fathers new girlfriend. She was kind and sweet, and always ready to read her a story. She actually didn’t remember much about her mother, which also made it a bit easier for Holly to accommodate to Mie…



Soon it was time for Holly to turn into a teenager..



And a beautiful one, that is. She rolled Family, so maybe Mie had had some influence after all. Her LTW is to become Education Minister. Her turn-ons are un-employed redheads, but they can’t be in their underwear..



And here she is after her make-over.. What a beauty!!



Not long after her birthday Holly rolled the want to fall in love, and so she bought herself a blind date: Frederik Kudsk. They got 3 bolts, but I really don’t know. The date didn’t go so well, they didn’t really wish much to interact with each other, but on the other hand opposites do attract.

I think she’ll have a go with the matchmaker again, and then we’ll see in Uni. My neighbourhood would also be better off with a bit more inter-marrying between playables, else it’ll explode!


Aaaand he’s a bit creepy too…..



It soon came time for another birthday. I decided to let Tyrone grow up instead of giving him elixir. This means he will be the first of the CAS teens to grow up, but that kinda makes sense to me though. He lost his wife and had to raise two daughters on his own, it gotta take it’s toll..


Happy Birthday Tyrone!

Now lets go dye your hair!


On a side note, the night Tyrone aged, Sophie haunted for the first time. She hasn’t been out before, but she probably wanted to wish Tyrone a happy birthday..


That’s better.. Uh, and selling a bestseller you handsome you.. After he did this, he wanted to quit his job probably aspiring to be a full-time writer.. And we could do that, but first he gotta reach his LTW!




I had been waiting for Tyrone to also roll the want to get married to Mie, but he did no such thing for the rest of the round and so I took matters in my own hands, not wanting to wait anymore and made him marry Mie..




I stayed a little longer to see if I could have Tyrone reach his LTW. AND HE DID!!!! Another first for me! Plus he maxed his LTA!!!! This is a great round!!!

Now he wishes to have 20 pet best friends.. Ugh, not sure that gonna happen.



Sims: 4

Money: 66.967

Other: +2p for reaching TOC

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