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Round 9–Grandt



Ok so I really got to get Fredia those 5 top businesses. She’ll soon be an elder, and it’ll just be too weird to keep making her take some elixir, since some of the gen. 1- teens are starting to becoming elders soon..

First off I got Fredia to get GameStop to level 7! Never reached that high a level before, but I must say I was a little unsure about how long you can stay at your business, as long as you want or is there any rule about it?



But there were also time for some fun. Fredia, being the Popularity sim she is of course wished for a party, and that she got.. It was a rocking Roofraiser! Smiley 


ScreenShot002Which maybe also gave a shot of energy to work the shop to level 9!!! So close!!!



Fredia also tried to spend some time with the children in the house, since they would all soon be moving to College..



First of is Emil and Celeste as the oldest.. Beatrice is a bit younger, a couple of days I think..

To get something else to think about, Fredia rolled for a 2. aspiration and got Grilled Cheese.





Beatrice spend a lot of time on her music, if she wasn’t doing homework or kissing with Karl Pixel, she were playing some kind of instrument. This resulted in a plaque in music and dance.. It’s quite fitting since she also wants to become a Rock Goddess, so it will come in handy later on.



Soon it came time for Fredia to have her birthday..


Happy Birthday Fredia! You look lovely Smiley



After her mothers birthday, Beatrice thought it would be the right time to move to College. She got scholarship for her good grades, her dance-skills and creativity skills.



At the store, everything went great! Some guy with a Mohawk came to value the store, and thought it was just fantastic, so he told Fredia he would write a good review..



And he wasn’t the only one liking the store. This is Mona Simlig, giving the store the last and final store to make it reach Level 10!! YAY! Another First for me!!!!!!!! This is sooooo cool!!! I’m hoping I can make it to 5 top level businesses!



Fredia made Leon Grane to manager, and went home…..


Happy simming! Fest-smiley


Sims: 2

$: 49,839 (not counting the business)

Others: +1 for plaque

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