fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Pendley, Round 4: Mumbles, Dates and Birthdays.

Hello everyone, this is the President speaking. I’m here to follow the sims in Strawberry Fields, together with Mr. Agent Smith. Sometimes it will only be me, and sometimes it will only be Smith, and maybe again sometimes it’ll be the sims telling their stories themselves. That depends on what mood I’m in.. :p Say Hi to the readers Smith..

Smith: ….. Hi….

Anyway, lets get started..


Lets start this round with this picture. Smith, ask him what he is doing.

Smith: ehh, I don’t really….

I’m the President…… ask him…

Smith: *sigh* fine.. What are you doing Stephen..?

Stephen: me and Despina just had a dreamdate, apparantly the President suddenly remembered what Despinas LTW was (50 dream dates) and decided to get started. And it’s about time too, if you ask me..

*mumbles* noone did…

Stephen: what.?

Smith: ehh, nothing. *for a President, you sure does know how to behave huh…?*

Yep.. Lets move on.

Smith: *grumbles* I was being sarcastic.





So, I decided to get Stephen started on a book, and it went fine and all, undtill this happened. I think it was because I made him fix the computer, and then.. eh.. yeah.. I have no idea how this fire started

Smith: *mumbles* my, what a good simmer you are..


Smith: nothing…



He did finish the book though. unfortunately it didn’t sell very well.. :s I’m sorry Stephen, we’ll try again..

Stephen: yeah, I guess so…



Oh yeah, and we also had a birthday.. Or kind of.. I did buy a cake, but he transitioned before I could get him to it..


What a handsome young man he is. Nelson is a knowledge sim.


After turning into a teenager, he finally learned how to study. But I guess he should study making friends a bit more..



Nelson brought this guy home from school. I can’t remember what his name was but he was a total jackass.

Way to go Stephen, show that kid what the consequences of his behvaior is…

Stephen: *thinking* what a brat.!


Oh yeah, and Despina had some luck with a chancecard. She earned one point in charisma and 5000 §


And Lois learned how to walk




Just before she had her birthday.. She is an.. er… interesting child.. her pesonality is: 8 neat, 2 shy, 10 active, 3 serious and 9 nice.. hmm… not quite well balanced I must say, but it could be worse..

And I guess that is it.. Say goodbye Smith..

Smith:  hmppff… Goodbye..

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  1. They grow up so fast! And that "friend" was not much of a friend was he?