fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Fritzpatrick, Round 4–It’s all business


Smith: HI

Very good Smith. Uh and was that a hint of a smile I saw right there..?

Smith: I don’t think so Ms. President.

tsk tsk.. loosen up Smith, you’ll needed when I’ll make you a townie

Smith: WHAT?


So lets get started..


We start of with this sweet family winter picture, when Fredia was still working in her dancingcarreer, and when Titus was still a child.



Soon he grew to this handsome young man.

His aspiration is knowledge and his LTW is to reach the top of the comediancarreer.

Turn on/off: black hair, makeup/smell



Fredia has the LTW to own 5 top bussinesses (even though she is a popularity sim!) So I thought, why not get started as soon as possible. So I made her open this homeshop/salon. It went ok, and I think I reached level 1 or 2 at the end of the round. (Woooo) But there were also some negative vibrations..


Thank you Amie…..


Apparantly it isn’t a very good idea to have a date while the bussiness is open, because the date will complain if there is something she doesn’t think is ok – like garbage or a used plate or something.. uggh…

Smith: wow, what a great simmer you are..




But they did like each other, and the date went ok, untill…


Yeah…. thank you for that.. The poor guy just want a little kiss…


And lets end this update with this picture which shows what a great simmer I am…

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  1. Major failure on many fronts there - but failure is more entertaining than success! ;D