fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Johansen (former Nordmeyer), Round 4–The zoo


On this lot, I decided to let me be inspired by Rachel Ziese-Lecy and have some more pets, so I could breed them and such. By the way, Rachel is also a big inspiration to how I write this blog, you should all go and read her stories about her Prosperity Point at:


Smith: who is Rachel Ziese-Lecy

Er…. the president of Prosperity Point…

Smith: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that place.

Really...? Sims read simsblogs..?

Smith: why not..?

yeah.. I guess so…


At first Mikael got a promotion – Wohhoo for Mikael..

Mikael: Really..?

No, not that kind of wohoo.. tsk..*mumbles* pervert…


And these two lovely ladies decided to just walk inside of the apartment and watch some television, even though no one was at home!



But one of the townies played a lot of chess with Conan and he soon earned a membership for the science hobbylot.

Smith: Wow, that hobbydude is really enthusiastic huh..?

Hehe, this time your sarcasm was actually funny Smith..


But soon the return of the chancecards came and Mikael lost his jobs. (I don’t know what it is with me and those chancecards this round!)


Around that time Mikael adopted a kitten named Aloe Vera, since I thought that maybe she could make some money for them.

At the same time Conan also had a want for this, so it was kind of a win/win situation.




This lovely lady always visited, her name is Doris Helles. I seriously considered moving her in so Conan could have a motherfigure. But when Mikael and her went on a date I discovered she was a Romance sim, so I quickly decided not to.



Uh, and they also got a bird. Named Hansi… Hansi really enjoys it when the townies visit, since they are too stupid to close the gate even though they are standing right next to the OPEN cage.

Anyway, he was soon put in the cage again by our hero Mikael.


Conan got an A+! Way to go Conan, you’re a child prodigy.

Conan: thank you Ms. President.

Aww, your welcome sweetie..


Soon Mikael also adopted a male kitten named Bingo, it will grow up next round. Untill then you can see how Aloe Vera turned out.


She’s so pretty I think..! Oh, and she also got a job in the Artist carreer, I think it is. Anyway, I though something like that was very fitting for her..

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