fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Nordmeyer, Round 4–We all have secrets



Smith: hii!

…. hmmm… Anyway, we begin this round on a bit of a sad note.. Unfortunately I’m not always very good at answering those chancecards, and that led to Lakisha losing her job..



Smith: Are you ok Lakisha..

Lakisha: I guess. A bit sad, but it could be worse. I could be a Fortune sim.

Smith: true..



To make up for things, or trying to, I let Lakisha to the town. She took two pictures, I almost forgot about that option. It’s so cute.. Smiley med åben mund



Also, Ted was born. He is a gen. 2 and also the heir of the house. He got his dads eyes and skintone and his moms haircolor.



And I saw this funny interaction I’ve never seen before, the dog is looking at it’s reflection..

Smith: Is that supposed to be funny..?

Yeah, I’ve never seen that one before.

Smith: I see, that makes it a lot more fun.

If I had known you were a sarcastic agent, I probably wouldn’t have hired you.

Smith: hmmmpf…



Anyway, lets end this update with these pictures which I really do find quite funny..

Smith: tsk tsk. We all got our secrets I guess.

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