fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Fritzpatrick 2, Round 4–More kitties!


So I decided to do the same on this lot as on the Johansen lot.

Marni quit her job and adopted some kittens.


This is Orange, the male. I also adopted a female later on named Vanilla. But apparantly I forgot to take pictures.. hmm, but it looked like this one, only it was white.. heh..



Marni also painted alot to earn some money, thus she maxed her creativity skills and got a membership for the Arts and Craft hobbylot.


But she also had some time for some looooving. I made Julian Cold and a lot of the other Simbin people into townies, and Julian just walked by. They actually had a lot of bolts and they both like cooking. I’m seriously thinking about if this could be the kind of man Marni would commit to..?



And to end this round I’ll show you the pictures of Orange growing up. He’s quite pretty actually. I’m very exited to see how Vanilla turns out.

Smith: Goodbye.

Wow, haven’t you said a lot this round..

Smith: …..

Yeah, I can do sarcasm too..

Smith: not really..

…. yeah, I know..

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