søndag den 14. april 2013

Round 9–Nordmeyer 2



Hello all! And welcome back to the Nordmeyer house!



Where we are awaiting an alien birth! Yay…! Poor Javier, it’s tough to be pregnant, I know!



But before we get to that, I’ll show you the love of Albert’s life: Magness Carlsson!



They’ve got two bolts for each other! I love it when I can pair up some playables, since I’m trying not to overpopulate the neighbourhood, eventhough I’m thinking it might be too late already Flirt - mand



Soon it became time for Teresa’s birthday


And this beauty rolled Romance! Watch out boys – or girls…




Her LTW is to become a professional party guest. Her turn-ons are underwear and formal-wear, and her turn-off is a hardworking sim.

Suddenly her LTW seems quite fitting for her turn-ons…



Yikes! Of course someone kicked over our garbagecan and both Teresa and Albert got the flu! I hate that.. Meanwhile they also had some friends home from school, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have a lot of sick teens next round…



Uuuh, doesn’t look good.. Luckily, Javier 2.nd Aspiration is family, so he made them both a batch of Comfort soup, and we saved the rest for the next time..



And good we got rid of the flu, since there will soon be a new-born in the house



Meet Alfred Smiley med åben mund Named after Alfred Nobel.

Alfred got Javier’s eyes, but everything else is from his other “father”..



Now I never had this one happen before; Laurinda got degraded because of a hobby-card? Didn’t know that could happen… But luckily it doesn’t seem like it will extract any points since it was a hobbycard, so phew for that, but still kinda anyoing…



Anyway, life went on, and Alfred were ready to have his first birthday!



And he is still a cutie pie!

He is a sloppy (1), outgoing ( 6 ), active (10), playfull (10) and nice ( 8) little alien Rumvæsen



Okay, I know I said that I didn’t want to over populate my neighbourhood, but both Javier and Albert wished for Javier to get abducted again, so I went ahead and tried…



Success! I love Freetime! Smiley med åben mund 




Actually, Albert really did like his alien-brother. He was the one who thaught him a nursery rhyme, and immediatly after, Alfred wished to sing it with him.. Awwww..



The other skills, such as talking, Javier handled



Eventhough he had to take a break some time.. Smiley, der blinker 



Teresa turned out to be a lesbian (for now, maybe she’s bi?), which is fine. But without even talking to Magness she rolled the want to fall in love with her? What? I mean, is she just a mean little sister? Or just a romance sim being a romance sim? hmmm…



Before Albert could find that out, he went to Uni. He got a scholarship for his good grades and for his dancing skills I think..

Bye bye Albert! And bye bye readers, this is all for now in this house Æh-bæh



Sims: 4

Money: 56,450 

Happy Simming Flækker af grin

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  1. Teresa must be really smitten with Magness (which I still Think sounds like a boy's name ;)).
    You shaould let her have her

  2. I know what you mean about over-populating! Still, great to have some 'greenies' in the 'hood. Teresa is very beautiful, her Turn on's and off's do suit her LTW.
    I've never seen anyone get a demotion from a hobby card either! Bad luck.