søndag den 14. april 2013

Round 9–Fritzpatrick



Let’s start this update with a birthday, sweet little Gunhild grew up.



YAY! And yes of course she looks like her sister, since she suffers from a bad case of First Born Syndrome *hmmpph*



At least there will be one more child, hopefully the last. But we will see, we need an heir for this house..



And because the exitement is just too much to bear, let’s fast forward to the birth of their third child……..



IT’S a boy!!!! Smiley med åben mund With the same colouring as his sisters, now I know I remembered to roll the dice before he was born, so let’s hope we don’t have another case of the First Born Syndrome. We could use some diversity, thank you very much. He is named after the first king of Denmark by the way; Gorm den Gamle, or translated it would be: Gorm the Elder Smiley, der blinker 





With five sims in the house, I got so sick and tired of those narrow hallways and small rooms that Maxis made, so I extended their house just a little bit and it lightened the whole bit.. Now I love this house, and I absolutely adore this family…



Being the true Fortune sim she is, Stina wished to earn 100,000 and without much of my interfering, she reached that goal “just” by working and good stocks => 1 point for me!



And being the jock that Thyra is, she wished to learn fysiologi, and with nothing better to do she fulfilled that goal.. Smiley 



then she maxed out body in a matter of seconds and it made me wonder if this was normal or a glitch? I remember there was something about that fysilogi-thing, but I can’t remember if it was that the sim would max out all skills quickly or if it was only the body-skill that were the glitch? Anyone remembers that? ‘Cause I know I’ve got the last patch for my game…



Soon it was time for Gorm to grow up, and the whole family was gathered. Happy Birthday Gorm!



FINALLY not a clone! This little cutie pie is a pisces, and his personality are: 8 neat, 1 shy, 6 active, 3 serious, 10 nice..

Both Thyra and Gunhild only got 1 nice point Overrasket smiley So I couldn’t help but wonder how Gorm’s realtionship would be to his sisters, I hoped they wouldn’t pick on him a lot…



But soon it was clear to me that I needn’t worry Smiley 



Because of some stupid error, Benedict had to stay home eventhough they did make a schedule with the nanny. Therefore he came in late to work, and since it was the third time (uuupps ?) he got fired Irriteret 

==> –1 point…….. And of course this happened just after he had gotten promoted to Counterfeiter….



But I’ll end this update on a happy picture anyway; Gunhild and Harold smustling.. Er straks tilbage 


Sims: 5

Money: 193,151 $

Other: 3 points IW

- 1 point for being fired

= 2 points extra


Happy simming!  Flækker af grin

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  1. The 'first-born syndrome' you talk about is actually only personality based. If you don't roll then all the kids' personalities will be the same- the looks are purely based off their parents and therefore they will tend to look somewhat similar if they share the same parents. :)
    They are all cute, nonetheless.
    Poor Benedict, hopefully he'll soon make the promotions back up. :)
    I remember the 'skilling fast' bug was after learning Physiology and just body skill. Perhaps your kids are just highly active? Was it Autumn? Those things all help. :)