søndag den 14. april 2013

Round 9–Johansen




YAY Mike! An A+! Wauw, you look like your father… Both your eyes, the nose and your mouth… Can’t really see much of your mother in you.. yet… Maybe it’ll come, but I doubt it..



Here is a picture for comparison… I’m sure he’ll become a little clone of his father when he grow up…

And by the way, embrace yourself for a lot of ghost sightings….!



But before we get to that, I’ll share with you their talented cats, ‘cause Aloe Vera reached the top of her cat carreer, Yay her! Smiley med åben mund Love it when the animals earn money for the sims, wish I could have a pet like that… Maybe I could, but really don’t have the time for it what with a 3 months old baby (Rødt hjerte) demanding my complete attention and besides, I think my dog is too old; 7 years! Send et kys



Anyway, enough about me. I’m spoiling these two simmies a bit, and trying to fulfill most of their wishes, since not much happen otherwise, and thus Mike got himself a parrot, named Pipper



One day, Jeanne brought home a co-worker named Steen, and threw a wish to go on a date with him, and I obliged. I really had no intention of these two to get together, since they only got one bolt. but oh well she can have a little fun I thought..



Eventhough Mike really didn’t find it very funny Trist smiley



But the date went well


Really well actually..

But Jeanne’s realtionship with her son had taken a hit..



And generally Mike had quite a hard time. The ghost of his father kept chasing him…


Poor little thing Trist smiley Leave him alone Mikael, he’s your son!



I know sweety, it must be hard seeing your mother with another man, and on top of that being woken in the night by a ghost..

Why do I sense that this little fella could become a bit of a troubled teen, or even man…



It’s actually a bit of a wonder that he did so well in school.. But he actually fared well, and minded his own business..



While Jeanne took care of her own kind of business Smiley, der blinker 

Actually, during the date with this guy Brian, Jeanne rolled the want to get engaged to Steen ?! Brian on the other hand rolled the want to get engaged to her, but Jeanne never rolled the wish for hi, she kept wishing to get engaged to Steen…..



Talking about minding your own business, that is pretty much what the cats did, during which Aloe Vera grew old..



Marni also came out to haunt.. But it will probably be the last time we will see them haunt on this lot, since I moved their graves.. If I hadn’t done that, I’m sure they would have either killed Mike or had him taken by the social-worker..




Mikael and Marni is wawing you goodbye, this is it for this house.. Smiley, der blinker 



Sims: 2 sims and 3 cats

Money: 50,690 $

Happy Simming Flækker af grin

2 kommentarer:

  1. Both scared by ghosts and an unfaithful mother - hard childhood for this Little guy!

  2. Aww, the ghosts can be very tough on kids- I hope the little guy grows up well after all!
    Jeanne's wishes are hilarious- be with this guy, get engaged to that guy, lol.