lørdag den 22. december 2012

Round 9–Nordmeyer

We are starting this update on a sad note – Fido died.. The Nordmeyer's very first dog.. She was a good dog, so I actually feel a bit sad about losing her.. Trist smiley

But life goes on in the little white house, with the giant white picket fence, which this picture also shows – Ted is partying along as always, being the good Pop sim that he is.. At least he does look a little bit sad in this picture, eventhough it’s probably because he can’t keep up with the smustle..

But soon he nails it!

At the same party, Ted falls in love with Carrie (would have thought the did that last round, when they shared their first kiss)
And the party ended as a Roof Raiser
(I haven’t really liked throwing parties before, since I really think I suck at it, but lately I’ve been giving it a couple of tries and it has really paid off. )

Unfortunately, Neil wasn’t having quite as good a day as Ted.. Due to a bad chancecard, Neil got demoted

Actually, somewhat the same thing had happened to Moe the day before, except he was fired because of it!
(Grr… Those damn chancecards!!!!!)

Sorry Neil…. Trist smiley

Ted on the other hand is having a great time being quite the socialite. I’m starting to like playing Popularity sims actually..

And Ted is starting to have a really good relationship with his sister. Mostly, my sims don’t really have a very high relationship with their relatives, which I’m thinking I’ll try to change a bit. Maybe I should try with some family-sundays, like Jungfrun does in Matssmyra..

But soon it was time for Ted to move on to college, which poor Amie had a hard time accepting. Her last little bird were leaving the nest…

Bye Ted, looking foreward seeing you in college..

And so the age of boring skilling began….

And getting into “secret” clubs because of skilling……

Maximizing a skill….

And then some Pet Wohooo!
(......that made me sound like a pervert :-/ )

Which resulted in some cute little puppies! Welcome Homer and Alma! Smiley med åben mund

The end!
Yeah, nothing really happened after that.. Actually it was one of the less exciting houses to play, I must say. And I fear it’ll get even more boring next time, where there is only Amie and Neil at home…
So here’s a funny – maybe the last for a while – picture of Ted getting fit, which he looks both surprised and proud of.. Smiley, der blinker

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  1. I'd be posing too if I were super-fit... :D
    I hate those chance cards, sometimes they are nice but often downright mean!
    I do like Family Sunday's- you could throw a party and just invite the relatives.
    We all have our favourite aspirations to play but I think the more you vary it, the more fun they all become. :)