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Round 8 – Nordmeyer 3



Helle rolled a want to quit her job, so I obliged her, since Jamie makes enough money for the little family. Also, she’ll get more time for her LTW.. ;p



As you can see, Jamie changed jobs to the Athletic field, since his LTW is to become Hall of Famer.. But he still got time for his family..



Soon it became time for Brad’s birthday.. Happy birthday Brad Smiley




He is a cutie..! I’m really satisified with the Nordmeyer look, it is quite dominent. You’ll get to see what I mean when we get to the McCarthy house..



Since Brad looks exactly like his sister (first born glitch) his OTH is also sports.. The only good thing about this is that they can bond over a game of basketball.


And Helle got working on her LTW of 20 lovers. Here she is with her college sweetheart, whose name I forgot. Unfortunately Jennifer were there to see them flirt, and the poor thing of course started to cry.


Helle still got him lured into the hottub though..



And it didn’t stop Helle from carrying on finding new lovers.. Here she is on a date with that KEvin guy from Uni..



The date could have went better.. :/



When Jennifer had recovered from her trauma of learning her mother was a …., it was time for her to grow up.



And in contrast to her mother, she rolled Family as an aspiration.

With the LTW to raise 20 puppies or kittens….. *le sigh*






And I quickly got out to buy her a cat, forgetting that you buy them as an adult, not as a kitten.. But it’ll just be the beginning of her breeding then..



Also, I got her a new outfit.. Think this one fits her better than the other one, and I must say I think she is absolutely adorable!


------------------------------------- ~ * ~ ----------------------------------



To end of this update, I’ll just show you some bloopers from this household this round.. Here’s Bart howling at the TV, while there’s a movie about werewolves are on.. Thought that was kinda ironic..


Can’t really remember what I’ve done this maid.. Is she one of Jamie’s former lovers? Gotta check the next time…


Never had a sim do this before, I’ve seen it from other people’s games when they blogged, but never had a sim who was able to do that.. So funny, and kinda gross too…



Easy Helle, he’s just a kid.. Jennifer is also quite upset about Mike taking their gnome..


You too???? Come on, the date wasn’t that bad…!



Sims: 4

Money: ? (ooops)

Total: 4 points

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