søndag den 29. april 2012

Round 8–Nordmeyer 2



Lets start this update with a birthday!

Congratulations Albert!



And he turns into one handsome teen! (which I got a new outfit for later)

Albert rolled Knowledge, and his LTW is to become Head of SCIA (I’ll get a couple of those too huh?)

He likes to have a partner who is creative and succesfull in their career, but she isn’t supposed to be too good with mechanics and practical stuff



I also tried for the kids to get into private school at this house, pretty sure it was because one of the parents rolled the want for it, and luckily they got in!



Doesn’t he look fabolous in this outfit huh?



And so life went on. Laurinda skilled for her job, to reach her LTW



and Javier tried to figure out the big question: “Is there life in outer space?”




Soon he got to now the answer.


and when the aliens where done with him, they dumped him on the ground in front of his family.



It soon dawned on Javier what exactly had happened in that UFO…

And he was just thrilled about it! As soon as he found out he was expecting a little life form from outer space, he wished to get abducted once. Maybe then he could find out even more than this time.



4 sims and ? moneywise = 4 points for now 

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