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Round 8–(Grandt)/Angelo



Hello Mary

Mary is getting a second chance. After devorcing her husband, and seeing her son move in with him and his new wife, Mary decided to start over anew.

She is a family sim, with a LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary – that should be doable – and a job in criminal when we start out.



And she gets kind of a rough start. What is it witht those landlords??? Why are they so mean!!?



But beside the whole thing with the landlord, some good things were coming her way too, like this hottie – Martin Angelo..



Their realtionship quickly developed over time



And soon Mary were sure that Martin would be the one she wanted to spent the rest of her life with. He moved in to her apartment



and one day after work, he proposed. Mary of course said yes



And before she knew it, they had decided to get wed at home, in a very private ceremony



Making changes in her life, Mary decided to take a job in Entertainment, after she had been fired from the Criminal field. Besides, Martin was also in the Criminal field, and she didn’t want to compete with her husband for the promotions..



It wasn’t long before Mary discovered that she was pregnant, and thus the couple decided to move to a new house


(Which I built from scratch, but of course forgot to take a picture of!)




And it was just in time, as Edward and Emmet were born shortly after moving in to the new house..

The both got their father’s eyes, and one got his father’s haircolour another his mother’s.

Can anyone guess where the names are from? ;p



Sims: 4

Money: 40.550

Total: 4

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