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Round 8–Grandt



First of all, I closed the home store and decided to start one on a community lot, since I though that could be easier, and I could kind of separate the different types of gameplay I think it is when you need to focus on getting a bussiness up to level 10.

So here is Fredia’s, her new re-opened salon. Same service, different place!



But let’s start at home first. Beatrice was due to grow into a teen



And she did so gracefully…

*hmprf*  and rolled romance!!!!! With an LTW I haven’t written down for some reason, but I’ll check next time.. Promise..



Fredia wasn’t quite ready to have hrer birthday yet, so she drank this bottle of elixir, in hope she could get her dream fulfilled, if not before she was elder, then before she died..



Niels had some problem accepting his little girl had grown up..



But soon he would get to see for himself..


This is the goth kid, who will probably go to college with Beatrice since they are just SO in love with eachother.. By that time I’ll probably have written down his name Smiley, der blinker 



Actually all of the teens got a boyfriend/girlfriend, eventhough all of them are romance, and probably won’t stick to just one partner..



Fredia were having some success at her salon, she quickly gained stars and therefore reached in ranks, giving her the opportunity to choose the money bussiness perk.



Which also led to a refurnished and newly painted salon…



Beatrice also tagged along, since she had the wish to earn a bronze cosmetics badge, needless to say that it didn’t went that well the first couple of times



It was going better for Fredia, who had earned her gold sales-badge, and thus earning the ability to Dazzle customers (also a first for me! YAY!)



Soon Fredia decided to open up a new store, called G@meSt0p..



It didn’t always go just as good as with the salon, since Fredia ran into some troubles with one of her co-workers..



But the store kept raising in ranks anyway, and soon Fredia had also earned the rally forth ability.. (another first!!!!)




Things were also going great at home, where the both Celeste and Emil had their first kisses.



And Niels were skilling up. He hoped to soon become a Hall of Famer, but untill now he was “just” a superstar for now..



Thus ends this household’s update with a photo of an aged Amin, who I aged together witht he Nordmeyers I think, since I would like to have a reasonably realistic time reckoning.. But I’m not quite sure how to really manage it, I though about an elder center, were the townies will age, and pass away.. But we’ll see..


Sims: 5

Money: 66,174 = 1

Fredias Gold badge: .5

Total: 6.5 points..

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