fredag den 15. juli 2011

Pendley, Round 6– Spooky Stephen


Last round Tyrone and Sophie moved in with Laurinda and Stephen. Sophie got pregnant, and ehh, apparantly so did Laurinda. Soon Sophie and Tyrone were the happy parents of a little girl named Carrie (2. gen) and Laurinda and Stephen welcomed Eric to their family. This of course meant that there was now a 2. generation heir for the house, and therefore I moved out Sophie, Tyrone and Carrie.


I didn’t tak a picture of them moving out (Yep, that’s me – The Great Simmer) so you’ll just get a picture of Sohie returning from work. Yeah………. Uh, and she got a promotion, so did Tyrone…………Moving on…


Poor Laurinda wasn’t that lucky at the whole job-thing. She showed up late at work three times, and then got fired because of it… pfftt.. Well, excuse me for not being mrs. correct-on-time-always…….. *cough* Not my fault *cough*


She soon got a job in entertainment – and even managed to get promoted to mime before the end of the round.


Soon it was time for Eric to turn into a toddler…


aww, a bit shy.. Smiley 


What a cutie… His personality is: 9 neat, 4 shy, 9 active, 10 playful and 3 grumpy.. What a… Ehh.. special little guy.. yeah, special…


Lois got an A+ (And Stephen got a bad makeover, at the Fritzpatricks… snicker… )


So did Nelson, and like Stephen, Laurinda ignores her son completely.. That’s just the way they do it around here..


Hey Hula girl, get outta my way…!


aww… sob.. Stephen died, unfortunately not when he was in gold, eventhough I’m pretty sure I checked before it happende, but maybe he plummeted to green just before the Grimm Reaper came.. ?

Anyway, he’ll be missed.





Which these pictures also tell.. Trist smiley 

Soon after, Nelson left for college. And yeah, I’ve got no picture of that either – sorry.. I have no idea why I’m so good at missing that carpool… But I’ll give you a picture of him playing his drums instead.. Smiley med åben mund 




And they also got a kitty.. Can’t remember what we called it, so we will move on quickly….


Lois’ birthday arrived, and everyone was exited to what she was gonna roll..



She turned out pretty well I think. She’s soooo cool I think, especially after her makeover.. You’ll see.. And she rolled romance, with an LTW to become a Rock God.. Hmm, well.. It’ll create some drama around here, I think.. Wauw – my first 2. gen to grow to teen.. sniff, they grow up so fast…


And she tested her romancing skills on the Johansen boy, Conan… Yeah, nice trick to show up in your nightgown Lois..


And then it was soon time for another birthday..



Eric grew up well, and he turned out allright I think.. Eventhough I think there is something a bit weird with the eyes on these kids.. Like they’ve got bags or something under them, it’s the same with Nelson and Lois..

Maybe you are wondering about the title.. Well, it’s pretty simple – Stephen spooked a lot… And with this I’ll end this update…




Snicker… He looks like he’s wearing a bandana and sunglasses.. hehe..


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  1. Those kids have some seriously deep set eyes! It makes them recognizable! And Stephen really looks like he's got a bandana and sunglasses - looking like Clay in Sons of Anarchy