søndag den 17. juli 2011

Nordmeyer (1), Round 6 - Confusing Ted


This round caused a lot of work for the social worker.. Just wait and see..


Let us first start on a good note – Ned got a silver gardening badge! YAY..


And they also got a new dog named Salma. They had – and still have – a male dog named Fedderson, who, unfortunately, got problems with both the female dogs, so next round they will probably get a new male dog to breed with the females..


Oh, and they also got a lamp.. So this household isn’t as dysfunctional as it may seem like..


Amie promptly wished for money..


Unfortunaley, that didn’t prevent the social worker from coming to pick up Ned, because of his bad grades.. Forvirret smiley



I know this will probably be regarded as cheating, but I was desperate. I wanted Ted back so much, and felt so bad that he got taken by the social worker. Ofcourse I will take the penalty, maybe even doubling it for what I did to get him back. It really had nothing to do with money of the household or something.

I moved Javier in..


Made him adopt Ted back…


And move Javier out again.

Now I will just have to figure out, how to fix the familyties, since Ted now thinks that Javier is his father, eventhough he is really his brother..

I’m really looking foreward to getting back to all of this the next round.. What a mess.. Trist smiley

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  1. I have a similar situation with one of my early sims, Max. I just remember how it really is and go with the relations that the game gives him. Downside of that is that Max's biological father has three bolts with Max's daughter :/