mandag den 13. juni 2011



Hello everyone..

Ms. President here. Apparantly after moving my headquaters and therefore also moving my computer, it seems like the computer has deleted all of my pictures from round 5 and the pictures from uni roud 4. Forvirret smiley

So I really don’t know what to do, other than I can give a resume, and then during round 6, I’ll try to explain everything that happened in round 5. (If anyone knows how to find the pictures, please comment below.. please… Trist smiley)

So anyway. Everyone graduated summa cum laude in round 4, and they each moved to new destinations or moved back home with their parents. All of this will be shown and told in the posts for round 6.

Also, new students arrived to the University, luckily I haven’t played that lot yet, so there will be pictures for that in the next post.

I hope you all understand, I don’t know what to do other than this. I’ll check my backup, but if I recall correctly I think it is an old backup from before round 5.

So I’ll see you all in round 6, now with resumes! Smiley med tungen ud af munden

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