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Round 9–Pendley

A/N: Just to let you know before I begin, I’ve lost my notes for this entry.. So it probably won’t be as detailed ‘cause I honestly can’t remember what exactly happened in some of them, since it has been a while since I played this house.. Er straks tilbage
But let’s see how it goes shall we..

Ok, so let’s start with what we all have been waiting for (I have for sure!): ALIEN BIRTH!!

Welcoming Astra and Stella

And not long after the birth of the less exiting little kitties…

snapshot_79741f4a_fce25ed9 pippin and Poe! Awwww. Forelsket

And how does Ronja cope with all of this???
She just dances…

Okay, lets skip on to some events I can actually comment on. Honestly, I’ve got a lot of pictures I really have no idea why I took, so you’ll just get the most important and easy to tell – pictures…
Like the matchmaker dropping off a lamp…

and being the knowledge sim that he is, Ronan rolls up a wish to make one..

And so he does……….. Sorry, can’t remember what he wishes for

Maybe that the cat would reach the top in it’s carreer??? No….? probably not…

Oh yeah, they also moved Stephen’s grave. I actually think that was about the time I’d downloaded a church, with a cemetary, so this is probably where he went to… I’ll have to check up on that too… Forelsket

Soon it was time for the twins’ birthdays…
(Really love this picture, it looks like Despina is singing along on: “Happy Birthday to you” Smiley, der blinker)

Yep, typical alien features – KEWL!

And the same here.. I like that both of them got the Alien nose (eventhough I’ve got some custom Poll. Tech replacements, I’m pretty sure that one of them were the “typical”/original Poll. Tech.)

And thus began the age of toddlers and toddler training. But remember, Ronan is a knowledge sim, so he really didn’t mind (I think, wonder what they would say if you could actually ask them about the life we choose for them Ruller med øjnene-smiley)

I’ll end this update on an awkward picture – Titus meeting his son, who were actually taken from him, and then adopted by his younger brother and his wife… His reaction: whistle…… Yeah….

A/N: I’m sorry this update has been a bit…. incomplete.. I hope you’ll bare with me, and I’ll try not to lose my notes next time Smiley, der blinker

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  1. lol.. the more kids you have the more you forget stuff y'know.. just sayin'. :D
    Love the aliens and the kitties- what a fun house.
    Funny how the adoption goes- does Titus' son have any memories of his real dad?