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** Last round Ronan Hesselholdt moved in, and married Despina.. A little while after this Despina got pregnant.. Unfortunately, she had a fire accident during her pregnancy, and also Eric were taken by the socialworker! But luckily Ronan got him back, and just in time for Despina giving birth to little Ronja.  **


First of all, we are starting with a birthday.. Little Ronja was due to grow into a toddler..

       Ronja Hesselholdt, Scorpio – 10, 3, 9, 3, 1

Here she is after a little makeover, I like that hairstyle better on her.. And she is just georgeous by the way!
Ronan and Despina kept working on their dreamdates, to fulfill Despinas LTW.. I think she got like 7 dreamdates in total, so still 43 to go.. :/
Oh, and one of their cats thought that it would say hello to the skunk… bad idea….
Soon it also became time for Despina to grow into an elder.. I hope I can reach her LTW before she goes..But she grew up in platinum, so I’m hoping..

It was soon time for Louis to move to college, but before she went, being the Romance sim she is, she needed some loving since Conan had already moved there..
I can’t really remember the name of this young fellow, but he worked like a charm and got some face-time..

Louis decided that it was her time to grow up too, and move to college..
I think Eric was a bit sad to see his sister go. He would also soon be of her age, so maybe he was sad that he would “lose” a friend and guide for the confusing years of teenhood, but they would keep in touch she promised..

Of course the guy she had been dated, showed up just in time to see her leave with a bouquet of roses.

It’s all about the birthdays this round..
Soon it was time for Ronja to grew up into a child..

Aww, she is just adorable!

And I think it was just absolutely adorable that both Eric and Ronja hit it off almost straight away..

But alas, it was also soon time for Eric to transition into a teen..
He had had a great childhood,

maximizing a skill

seeing the ghost of his father

and becoming top of the class..
All of these things he would remember and cherish, and they would always be a big part of him
Maybe all of these things was some of the reasons he turned into a knowledge sim, with the LTW to become a Cityplanner….

Being the lucky guy he was, who had loving – and loaded – parents, he even got a room above the garage, all to himself!!!!

Another “surprise” were also given, to the second knowledge sim of the house.. Ronan had been summoning for aliens one night, when suddenly he was flying up into a big blue light, coming from a flying saucer!
He was returned a couple of hours later..

I think his expression says it all!
One should think that he wouldn’t want to meet those pesky aliens again, judging by his facial expression, but being the weird knowledge sims he is, he immediatly rolled up a want to go visit the aliens again!
Hmm, maybe later Ronan………….

Magness also stopped by, she is supposed to be a friend of the house I think, but for some reason she still stole our newspaper?!!!
See Ronan passing out on the sidewalk back there?? Hmm, wonder why…

See you next time, simmers!
----------------------------- ~ -----------------------------
just a couple of funny/interesting things:
Their cats are really ill-mannered.. And I really think it is soo unhygienic when they do this.. Or so I would think in RL.. EW!
Seriuosly I had no idea that ghosts would, or could, do this!

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  1. That's a nice round, little Ronja is a cutie isn't she?
    I love aliens, so will be watching with interest as to what Ronan has! :)