torsdag den 12. januar 2012

Round 6–Grandt


Hello readers.

This is Mr. Agent Smith, back to report about the life of Strawberry Fields….


Apparantly, Ms. President (Which I will call M. P. from now on) thought that Niels should try to get his son back after his nasty divorce with his wife, but instead of having his son returned, they got this sweet little innocent girl, Celeste..





The daughter of Niels and Fredia grew up after this..




Fredia quit her job, so she could focus on her business since she got the LTW of owning 5 top 10 bussinesses…



A little while after, Niels got a promotion, so he can climb the ladder to reach his own LTW.



Mr. Agent Smith……

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  1. Short and sweet! Was Celeste playable at some point? I don't remember. Otherwise it would be strange that she arrived instead of a child taken away