torsdag den 16. september 2010

Nordmeyer round 1-3


Dear ms. President

First a picture of the house.

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This kind of family look very ideal on the outside, but on the inside, things can be a little different.

E.g. this family had a lot of chancecards. Neil got his right, and got 500§ in return. Jamie wasn’t that lucky, and Javier were the most unlucky one, he got fired because of a chancecard. This made him a bit whiny….

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But at least Amie got a promotion in the law and order carreertrack and Neil got two.

unfortunately their boys weren’t so succesfull.

Jamie failed and got fired (-1 point.)


So Neil had to help him with his homeworks.

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At least the youngest is doing a bit better, or a lot better actually.


And Lakisha also got a bronze talent badge in fishing.

But for Jamie it went very well in the love-department. A girl he had brought home from school called him, and after talking for a long time they had +90 in daily, and soon they had had a dreamdate. She’ll be going to Uni with him too.



Zelma, Amies mother, moved out. (apparently she says, that you Ms. President, asked her to do this, so you could focus on getting her high in lifetime aspiration. I said I didn’t and couldn’t know..)

She will be mentioned as the Nordmeyer 2 household.


Neil raked in the chancecards, while Javier (I think…) got a visit from the socialbunny….. (-1 point.)


Amie and Neil also got their 2. aspirations. Amies is to be fortune and Neils is Grilled cheese.

While we’re on the subject of aspirations, Lakisha also grew to teen and rolled family, her aspiration is to reach her Golden Anniversary. (Yes Ms. President, she is growing on me too.)




While the kids grew up, I think Amie and Neil started to “fear” the soon to be empty nest, so Amie soon got pregnant.


The baby is to be reported about in the next update.

Other than that, the boys went to college, and the house got a little makeover.


Lakishas room, after the boys left.


The master bedroom


The living room

Best Regards, Agent Smith

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