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Fritzpatrick round 1-3













This is the Fritzpatrick family. Their story is quite simple and non-dramatic.

Fredia divorced her husband, with whom she had had her children. And then she moved to Strawberry Fields to start fresh, with her romancing mother to help her with the children.

Marni was the first to make quite an impression, I must say, eventhough I’m not quite sure it’s a very good one.

First she got promoted, then she got fired, and in her freetime she already found her first conquest lover.




But nonetheless Titus atleast grew up fine, but without a cake since they really didn’t have much money, poor things..




Besides that Fredia also got a great job in the dancecarreer because of a friend…

The next “round”, Marni moved out because of you Ms. President. Apparantly it is because of the same reasons as with Zelma Nordmeyer… ?

Anyways, Benedict almost brought himself in the same situation as Jamie Nordmeyer were in, but luckily he got his skills up and even earned himself a promotion, the same as his mother actually did. (Fredia also got the LTW of earning 5 top businesses, which is why I’ve also given them a sewingmachine.. But they will need all the money they can get.)

Soon it was also time for Hobert to grow up and become a teenager. He rolled family and his LTW is to marry off 6 kids..

He likes redheads and blonds. Trine Mortensen (eventhough not a blond) grew up with him. She was an old friend of him and soon to be a new girlfriend.





And with that I will finish up this last report and continue on to the elder laydeezz..


Best Regards, your Agent Smith

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